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The Original Freddy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me about The Original Freddy®?

Check out the Why Freddy Rocks section for the features and benefits of The Original Freddy®.

Is every Freddy really unique?

Yes, every Freddy, like every child, is an original. They are individually crafted and numbered, not only making them a terrific piece of toy furniture, but a beautiful family heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come. The chairs are also customizable, with a host of additional loops and other Freddy accessories. Finally, in combination with the upcoming release of the first story of The Chronicles of the Blue Moon: Once Upon a Blue Moon and The Mystery of the Blue Moon, the rockers and chairs become something truly magical, taking on a special meaning for every child lucky enough to own one.

How much weight does The Original Freddy® hold?

Believe it or not, all sizes of The Original Freddy® have been tested to hold a seated weight of up to 350lbs. U.S.

Are The Original Freddy® chairs and rockers safe?

All of The Original Freddy® models have been ASTM tested for the U.S. market and our chairs have passed all child safety tests. Our rockers have also passed all safety tests with the exception of the tipping test. As with all rockers, The Original Freddy® rockers (both big and small) are susceptible to tipping if they are rocked too far forward or backward. Parents should not allow their children to over rock, stand or kneel in The Original Freddy® rockers (and chairs for that matter) as injury can occur as a result. If tipping concerns you, we've developed rubber stoppers that can be applied to the runners of the rocker that limits the amount that it can be rocked. They can actually be positioned to limit rocking altogether. Please check them out in our online store or at a retailer near you.

The Original Freddy® is so unique, do you have any plans to release any other chairs or rockers based on the sling and side panel design?

We currently hold design patents on the rocker and the chair. We also have utility patents pending on the sling removal and application process. We have designed other models that we have loosely named Freddy.s Friends as well as some adult size chairs that don.t fit within the Freddy brand. We will be releasing these additional models soon... join our mailing list and receive updates on Freddy-related products as they become available.

Where can I get my own Original Freddy®?

You can find The Original Freddy as well as a host of other Freddy-related products on this website, in The Freddy Store. You can also order by calling toll-free: 1-800-323-8389.

If you have any further questions concerning The Original Freddy® chairs and rockers, please don't hesitate to contact us.