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The Original Freddy
Freddy Sightings

Freddy Rocks Out In Tempe


Several audience members at a recent Frostd Flakez show in Tempe, Arizona were surprised to find that the most interesting attraction wasn't on the stage, but right beside them! According to numerous eyewitness accounts, none other than Freddy himself had shown up to soak in the sun and hear some tunes. Though Freddy reportedly stayed through several songs and danced with dozens of spectators, our investigators haven't been able to acquire much concrete evidence of this sighting, only this cellphone camera picture.

- Templeton

You Won't Belize Your Eyes!


When Harvey and Doris Ramsay visited the Mayan temples in Caracol, Belize, they both took lots of pictures for their vacation scrapbook. When they got home and had their photos developed, however, a strange blue smudge was discovered in one of the shots. Harvey and Doris couldn't quite make it out: was it a Mayan statue? A jungle animal? A piece of lint stuck on the lens? Veteran Freddy Spotters know the answer already, of course: it seems that Freddy was having a Central American adventure!

- Templeton

Freddy Continues To "Rome" Around The World


Everyone knows that Rome at night is a beautiful spectacle...and apparently Freddy agrees! One recent evening, as the lights of St. Peter's Basilica reflected in the Tiber river, a familiar head could be seen peeking out from below the Ponte Sant'Angelo, belonging to none other than our favorite spotted dinosaur. None of the passersby seemed to notice him, but a week later this photo arrived at our offices, slipped under the door in a battered but otherwise plain manila envelope.

- Templeton

Freddy Spotting In Valencia, Spain? The Debate Rages On.


This photo has been the subject of intense speculation and debate in the Freddy Spotter community. Does it really show Freddy entering the imposing six-hundred-year-old Torres de Serranos in Valencia, Spain? Or is it--as some have suggested--merely a trick of the light? To some viewers, Freddy's curled tail is unmistakable. Others, however, insist that the picture is far too small and grainy to say one way or the other. They even suggest that this could all be a hoax photo cooked up by Freddy debunkers. This matter is far from settled, so maybe you can help us. Look closely at the photo...what do YOU think this picture shows?

- Templeton

A "Sign" That Freddy's In The UK


Residents of the West Sussex town of Arundel were surprised that their local snack shop had changed their distinctive sign. The town--nestled in the shadow of Arundel Castle, which you can see in this shot--has been in existence for almost a thousand years, and to the generations of residents who've grown up with Maltraver's Sweets Shop, it seems like the candy store has been around just as long. So why change the sign now, after so long? And why change it to something so...curious? A few minutes later, though, the old sign was back, and Mr. Maltraver had no idea what his customers were talking about. Luckily, an experienced Freddy Spotter was able to snap this picture.

- Templeton

Freddy crashes Bike Week


We have another confirmed sighting following on the heels of the Orlando evidence. This picture was submitted by a man who identified himself only as "Big Ed." The photograph was taken by his girlfriend while they were travelling on I-95 during Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida. She apparently spotted something moving in a palm tree and snapped the photo very quickly so the quality is very poor. But after running it through some of our sophisticated photo filters we were able to extract this blurry image of what appears to be the head of Freddy peaking out of a palm tree. We've dispatched a team to the location to look for physical evidence. Very exciting indeed!

- Templeton

Freddy "spotted" imitating a tradeshow banner in Orlando


It seems as if Freddy has taken a keen interest in the "doins" of the folks attending this years NSSEA Ed Expo. I guess it continues to confirm Freddy's commitment to the best interests of children all over the world.

- Templeton

Freddy Viva Las Vegas


We have good news for all those who have long believed in the existence of Freddy! He has been sighted for the second time on American soil in Nevada headed toward the city of Las Vegas. The young eyewitnesses fortunate enough to have spotted the creature believe that he was on his way to the ABC Kids Expo being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center September 9th through the 12th. We're sending a team out to investigate. More details to come.

- Templeton

Out of the Carolina Blue


Update fellow Freddy investigators: we have unconfirmed reports of the first U.S. Freddy sighting in of all places, a remote Industrial area in Raleigh, North Carolina. Unfortunately, by the time our team had arrived, they could find no evidence to substantiate the claims of our key eyewitness, Peter Ruocchio, the owner of the facility in question. More to come.

- Templeton

Freddy Spotted in ShenZhen, China


Exciting news Freddy followers! At long last we have concrete evidence of an actual Freddy sighting in the Guan Dong Province of China, in the city of Shen Zhen. Upon news of the sighting, we immediately sent two investigators to the area and secured artifacts that, in our expert opinions, were solid proof of his existence. We cannot reveal the source of our evidence, but we can say that exhibit was marked by three blue spots, long considered to be the signature (if one can call) it that of the mysterious creature known simply as Freddy.

- Templeton